Koda CrossFit Tulsa


1141 S Frankfort Ave

Tulsa, OK 74120

Koda OKC

Oklahoma City, OK


Koda Native

Oklahoma City, OK

Koda Norman

Norman, OK

Koda Deer Creek

Edmond, OK

Koda Iron View

Lafayette, CO

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  • Koda OKC
  • Koda Native
  • Koda Norman
  • Koda Deer Creek
  • Koda Iron View
  • Koda CrossFit Tulsa Rates

    ***Memberships are paid monthly(not all upfront)***

    ***Monthly Discount For: Full-Time Student/Family/Couple/ Active Military or Retired/Police/Fire/K-12 Teachers***

    Not sure which option is right for you? Contact Us for more information or stop in to get started! Via email: tommy@kodacrossfittulsa.com, via phone: 918-606-8722.

    Monthly Membership Rates

    $145 - unlimited classes

    $120 - 12 classes / month

    $75 - 3 Day Quickstart

    3 personalized introduction classes to get you started with us!