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    Fitness Class

    Our fitness classes are the heart of our community and consist of high intensity, functional fitness that is tailored to the needs of each athlete regardless of fitness background. In our classes, we perform a wide variety of movements with various intensities that translate to increased performance in a wide variety of tasks from elite sports, to military service, to simply being able to lift heavy objects safely around the house. Our classes are an hour long and incorporate multiple fitness domains such as endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and agility. All classes are led by certified trainers to ensure each participant receives the maximum benefit for each individual’s skill level.

    Our classes can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. The trainers at Koda Tulsa get to know their clients’ abilities and are committed to making sure each athlete completes the workout at their fitness level. The first step is meeting us at the door. We will guide you from there.


    3–Day Quick Start

    Our 3-Day Quick start consists of three One-on-One sessions with one of our trainers that focus on the core movements used in our regular classes. You will pair up with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and introduce you to the vibe of our gym. Each session incorporates a warm-up, skill work to learn new movements, and a final workout using movements learned that day. These sessions will get you comfortable and ready to start regular classes.

    These sessions can start as soon as you are ready! Our trainers will work with you to pick the days and times to fit the sessions around your busy schedule. Please contact us to see if the 3- Day Quick Start is right for you!

    Personal Training

    One-on-one individualized training is an option for anyone looking to move towards a specific goal, with the least resistance. Many of our participants choose to work individually with our trainers to improve specific skills including gymnastics, weightlifting techniques or cardiovascular health. We can also design specific training techniques tailored to injury recovery or other special needs. We are happy to meet with you one-on-one to help you achieve your individual goals.