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  • Koda Tulsa Staff

    Tommy Sullivan

    Owner and Head Coach

    Tommy Sullivan - Owner and Head Coach


    Tommy found CrossFit back in 2009 at the age of 15. He attended CrossFit Sky where he was instantly impressed with the way CrossFit transformed everyday people into exceptional athletes. Above all he values the friendships and lasting memories CrossFit has given him.

    Tommy found Koda CrossFit Norman sophomore year of college and there he improved himself as an athlete and coach. There he fell in love with great culture that Koda created at its gyms and even met his wife, Katie. Tommy is excited to share what Koda is all about with the Tulsa community and play his minor part in helping make Tulsa fitter.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CPR and AED
    • CrossFit Football

    Meredith Sullivan


    Meredith Sullivan - Coach

    Meredith had always been active and competitive growing up but she was hesitant, like many others, to try CrossFit. To be honest, she was a little tired of hearing how great it was at the dinner table from her dad and brother. Finally, she tried a CrossFit class with her brother Tommy and has never looked back. Meredith appreciates the gym because it is an environment she can better herself and push her body further than she ever knew possible. CrossFit has become a huge part of her life and given her a focus she has not found anywhere else.

    Meredith is excited to bring Koda to Tulsa. As a trainer she wants to bring a safe place for people to sweat, laugh, and make themselves better each day. She is dedicated to use her passion for CrossFit to help people reach their goals. She loves getting to meet so many awesome people that soon become family.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CPR and AED

    Sydney Sullivan


    Sydney Sullivan - Coach

    In 2012, Sydney found CrossFit. Sydney started CrossFit after being diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. It helped her both physically and mentally stay strong through it all and gave her an amazing community to rely on. After qualifying and earning the title for Fittest Teen on Earth at the 2015 CrossFit Games, Sydney continued to get sicker. She still continued to do CrossFit, and despite her health issues, made it back to the Games the next year, earning 6th place overall. Her disease progressed fast, causing her to lose weight and prevented her from doing what she truly loved. It was time for her to find a donor. After lots of researching, traveling, and meeting new doctors Sydney finally found a solution. Living donor transplant. Her brother, Tommy, offered and ended up being her donor, giving her over half of his liver. Just one year after surgery, Sydney is feeling stronger and healthier than ever, and back to competing in CrossFit. Sydney can proudly say that CrossFit is what got her through surgery, helped her recover fast, and is a big part of why she is here today.

    Sydney’s goal as a coach is to provide a safe and fun environment where athletes of all levels come together to have an awesome time exercising and encouraging one another.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CPR and AED


    • CrossFit Games Teenage Division 2015 (1st Place)
    • CrossFit Games Teenage Division 2016 (6th Place)

    Katie Sullivan

    Administration / General Manager

    Katie Sullivan - Administration / General Manager

    In 2015, Katie Sullivan had heard from a friend about Crossfit and was a little intimidated to give it a try. Growing up she was a competitive gymnast and was intrigued by the diversity Crossfit workouts provided. She knew the importance of exercising regularly, but only did workouts on her own at her school’s fitness center. Normally this meant running half a mile on a treadmill, doing a few lunges, and texting between sets before ultimately calling it a day. Finally, a fellow intern convinced her to try Crossfit during her pharmacy internship in Rochester, Minnesota. During that summer, she realized Crossfit was not as scary as it seemed. At this point she recognized the value of the Crossfit community and never turned back.

    When Katie moved back to Oklahoma City to finish pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma she joined Koda Crossfit. She loved the coaching, the friends, and overall good time at Koda. After graduating pharmacy school in 2017, Katie moved to Tulsa with her husband Tommy to take a pharmacy job.

    Katie is excited to bring the Koda community to Tulsa. Being a healthcare professional, she understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to bring a fun environment to Tulsa where people can come in to push themselves, have a good time, and develop a community of friendship. She wants everyone to know Crossfit is not as scary as it seems and will always provide a smiling face to first timers walking in the door.


    • Doctorate of Pharmacy (University of Oklahoma)
    • CPR, ACLS, and AED
    • CrossFit Level 1

    Zack Simmons


    Zack Simmons - Coach

    Zack found CrossFit in 2014. Zack was a collegiate running back for NSU before transferring to UCO to finish schooling. After moving to Edmond, Zack found himself in the CrossFit community where he met his wife Tyler Simmons, a former Koda CrossFit Norman member. Both Zack and Tyler relocated to Tulsa after finishing school. Zack is excited to be a part of the Koda coaching staff and to help bring a fun competitive atmosphere to the Tulsa community.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • Central regional team athlete 2017
    • Central regional team athlete 2016
    • Central regional team athlete 2015

    Chaz Stephenson


    Chaz Stephenson - Coach


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    Brice Collier

    Coach/Head Programmer

    Brice Collier - Coach and Head Programmer



    • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
    • CrossFit Coaches' Prep Course (L2-Trainer)
    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Football Trainer
    • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
    • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Certification
    • Rob Wolf Nutrition Seminar
    • Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop
    • Optimum Performance Training Certification

    Jared Muse

    Celebrity Coach

    Jared Muse - Celebrity Coach


    Jared Muse started doing CrossFit in 2009 and was immediately drawn to the mix of competitiveness and camaraderie. He values the friendships that develop from working through tough challenges together. Before coming to the sport, Jared played and taught golf professionally for ten years and also had a background in basketball, baseball, and track. He brings to CrossFit the same eye for detail that he used as a golf pro, helping his athletes make the adjustments they need in order to improve.

    Jared's clients can expect a hard workout and a good time. As he explains it, "I want them to leave the gym smiling, no matter how tired their bodies may feel." In that spirit, he keeps classes fun, and constantly pushes his athletes to be their best. Jared also has a talent for persuading people to try new things. He loves celebrating with clients when they accomplish feats they did not know they could do. He also frequently pulls together groups to participate in local running events, especially events that benefit a good cause.

    He is largely - or perhaps entirely - responsible for the color scheme at Koda CrossFit. Originally from Heavener, Oklahoma, Jared now lives in Edmond with his amazing and very adored wife, Mai, and their two dogs. He wants Koda CrossFit to grow into a fitness community with a positive impact throughout the Oklahoma City area.


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
    • CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
    • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
    • Whole 9 Nutrition Workshop

    Kevin Schuetz

    Celebrity Coach

    Kevin Schuetz - Celebrity Coach