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    Thursday, May 9, 2019

    Koda CrossFit



    A) Shoulder Pre-Hab (3 rounds)
    10 Shoulder Pass Throughs
    30s OH DB/KB Hold
    60m Farmer’s Carry
    10 Ring Shoulder Ts

    B) 14min AMRAP @ 75% pace
    200m Run
    10m HS Walk (or 2 wall walks)
    20 Weighted Step-Ups (50/35, open style)
    1 T2B (+1/Round)

    ***Rest 2:00
    C) Repeat WOD going BACKWARDS
    *goal is to finish under 14:00


    Koda Jacked

    A) 4×8 Push Press with 2s hold at the top (build)
    B1) 3×8-12 DB Bench Press @ 3111
    B2) 3×8-12 Wide Grip Strict Pullups
    B3) 3×8/8 Renegade Rows
    B4) 3x30s Hollow Rocks

    C) 3 rounds
    30s Row (Hard Pace) – 30s Rest
    30s Side Plank (Left) – 30s Rest
    30s Side Plank (Right) – 30s Rest