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    Thursday, May 16, 2019

    Koda CrossFit



    A1) 4X 40m Bottoms-Up FR KB Carry
    A2) 4×5/5 DB External Rotations
    A3) 4×3/3 Tall Jerks



    B) 4 rounds
    try to get faster every round
    Run 400m
    10 Burpee Muscle-Ups



    A1) 4x Clean Complex
    2 Cln High Pull, 2 Muscle Cln, 2 Pwr Cln
    A2) 4×3 Pause Power Jerk
    1s Pause at the dip AND the catch

    B1) 3×10 Close Grip Bench Press
    B2) 3×15-20 HSPU Negative

    C) 3 Rounds for Time
    40 Double Unders
    10 DB Hang Clean and Press
    10 Toes to Bar
    10 DB Deadlifts
    10 True Pushups