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    Thursday, May 30, 2019

    Koda CrossFit



    A) Rope Climb Skill Work

    B) BTTD Team WOD (Mt Scott)
    300 Double Unders
    25 Front Squats (125/85)
    25 Bar Facing Burpees
    25 BtK Hang to OH
    50 HSPUs
    25 BtK Hang to OH
    25 Bar Facing Burpees
    25 Front Squats



    A1) 4x Clean Complex
    2 High Pull + 2 Tempo PC + 2 Pwr Cln
    *Tempo PC – 4s from floor to pockets, then explode
    A2) 4×4 Push Jerk w/2s Hold (catch)

    B) Bench Drop Sets, 4 X 2-4-6 reps
    Use HEAVY weight for 2 reps, right into medium for 4 and light for 6 (min rest)

    C) EMOM for as long as possible
    6/4 Cal AB + 5 Pullups
    *increase 3/2 Cals OTM until failure
    *use a pullup variation that you can get 5 reps UB every round