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    Thursday, October 4, 2018

    Koda CrossFit


    A1) 4×10-15 T2B (work skill)
    A2) 4×10-20s L-Sit
    A3) 4x 10 Hollow Rocks
    Rest 3min between sets


    B) 5 rounds for time
    15/12 Cal Row
    20/20m 1Arm OH Weighted Lunges
    Pro: 70/50
    Rx: 50/35
    Sc: 35/20

    Koda Jacked

    A) 5×8 Back Squat
    B) 5×8 Hang Power Clean
    C) 5×8 Chin Ups (or Ring Rows)
    D) 5×8 Seated KB Leg Extensions
    E) 5×8 Chest Supported DB Rows
    F) 5×8/8 DB Step Ups
    G) 5×8 BB Bicep Curls
    H) 5×8 KB High Pulls

    ***Use a 3s sec eccentric phase on all lifts
    ***start light and rest just long enough for your partner to go (approx 30s)