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    Tuesday, October 23, 2018

    Koda CrossFit


    A1) 4×8 DB Bench
    (Have a spotter)
    A2) 4×2:00 Shuttle Run @ conversational Pace


    A) Run 800m (or 530)
    B @ 5:OO) 3 min to get 40 Burpees + 40 WBS (broken up however)
    C @10:00) Row 800m/600m
    D @ 15:00) 3 min to get 40 Slam Balls + 100 Double Unders (broken up however)

    Koda Jacked

    A) 8×8 Strait Leg RDL
    B) 8×8 DB Bench
    C) 8×8/8 Split Squats (Rear Foot Elevated)
    D) 8×8 Strict Press
    E) 8×8 Poor Man Glute Hams
    F) 8×8 Delt Raises

    ***Use a 3s sec eccentric phase on all lifts
    ***rest just long enough for your partner to go (approx 30s)